Tuesday, Aug. 2nd
3:00 PM - 8:00 PM: 4-H/FFA Livestock entries entered (Beef, Sheep, Swine, Goats, Dairy) and 4H horses staying in the
barn entered

Wednesday, Aug. 3rd
9:00 AM: Open Sheep Check In
10:00 AM: 4-H/FFA/Open Sheep Show
12 NOON: Open Dairy Check In
2:00 PM: 4-H/FFA/Open Dairy Show (or following sheep show)

Thursday, Aug. 4th
9:00 AM: Open Meat Goat Check In
10:00 AM: 4-H/FFA/Open Meat Goat Show
5:00 PM: Open Swine Check In
6:00 PM: 4-H/FFA/Open Swine Show

Friday, Aug. 5th
8:00 AM: Open Beef Check In
10:00 AM: 4-H/FFA/Open Beef Show
2:00 PM: Horse Speed Event Registration
3:00 PM: Horse Speed Event

Saturday, Aug.6th
8:00 AM: Registration Horse Show
8:30 AM: 4-H/FFA/Open Rabbit and Cavy Show Check In (Livestock Show Ring)
9:00 AM: Horse Show
9:00 AM: 4-H/FFA/Open Rabbit and Cavy Show
7:00 PM: 4-H/FFA Livestock Auction (buyer's reception to follow)
All 4-H, FFA Open Livestock Show Exhibitors must have their entries postmarked by
JULY 1st or submitted to the office by 4pm on JULY 1st. Entries must be sent to:

Caroline/Dorchester County Fair,
                                                9194 Legion Rd, Suite 4,
                                                     Denton, MD 21629

For Livestock Exhibit information and registration forms, please follow the link below,
and click on the left side of the web page underneath Caroline-Dorchester Fair.

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